Things to Avoid When Visiting Copenhagen

  • If you're planning a vacation to Copenhagen, the Danish capital, you should be careful to stop the common traps for unwary tourists. Copenhagen is a wonderful and unique city, and it's really not worth ruining your getaway for not understanding what to keep away from. Here are some issues you should avoid when it's in this city:

    Avoid the amusement park Tivoli much like the plague in major holidays

    Tivoli is Denmark's largest tourist attraction, exceeding 4 million visitors a year. tourist campany Who hasn't got word of the amusement park here or Tivoli Gardens!? You can have a lot of fun here though the prices are high for everything, from refreshments to rides. If you decide to visit Tivoli anyway, try to avoid seeing it on major holidays like Christmas or Halloween, as the line will be really long and it is not really worth the wait. Better try it during summer!

    The main shopping street 'Str?get' is very overrated

    'Str?get' is Copenhagen's main shopping street. Although it might appear tempting, the best thing is in order to avoid it. Not just as it's crowded plus it doesn't offer anything new, however you may run into other unpleasant phenomena like hustlers, beggars and thieves. The parallell street of 'St?det' is much more unique and pleasant!

    Do not wander across the bike lane without having bike

    Do not step to the biker's lane! Danish everyone is known to bike a whole lot, and this goes for Copenhagen too. They ride fast in any way streets and at all times of night and day. Be careful not to increase the risk for mistake many unwary people do ? stepping out to the bike lane without looking. It can lead to major congested zones, piles of bikes the ones in the street. If you do this mistake and you're simply lucky, you'll only have a few sour words from your bikers.

    The expensively priced canal tours

    Canal tours are an easy way of seeing town. A major thing you should know is there are two companies that offer this type of tours. If you're not careful, you operate the danger of paying double. Always choose 'Netto' boats, they're cheap and you also won't be annoyed by speaker announcements from your tourist guide.

    Do not drink your beer in the inner City tourist campany (see here now) Bars

    Do not get lured by posters from Copenhagen's Central Station, advertising great bars. These bars are simply for tourists, as locals understand that prices listed here are greatly inflated. It's not just this but music is detrimental too plus the company, as folks that usually spend time there are either teenagers or middle-aged. So avoid these highly advertised bars and enquire of a local instead for some advice. It will surely prove more satisfying.

    Do not misunderstand me. Copenhagen has plenty to own visitor, though the things I stated previously should be avoided in any respect cost should you prefer to have a relaxing and pleasant budget visit to the Danish capital. Try to walk somewhat outside of the main attractions and get beneath the skin of the Danish people by avoiding the primary streets and fares.Article Source: Cheap Copenhagen is often a Copenhagen travel guide which shows tourist campany you how to have a holiday with limited funds in the Danish capital. It even contains recommendations on where to meeet Copenhagen girls.

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