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  • 1. Chinese, is one of the Sino-Tibetan languages, or maybe more accurately it's a group of different dialects ones Mandarin (Putonghua) is one. Taken together there are more native speakers of Chinese than any other language. To put this in perspective around 915 million speakers of Mandarin (without including the other dialects such as Cantonese), in comparison [Redirect Only] with Spanish, your fourth most widely spoken language on the globe with around 400 million speakers.

    2. You don?t ought to learn Chinese characters to understand to speak Chinese. Pinyin is often a method of writing Chinese within the roman alphabet. Hanyu pinyin spells the sound, and includes tone marks to assist give the correct pronunciation.

    3. Chinese literature. The dialects aren't mutually intelligible though the written language is shared between them all. Although you do not need to learn to http://publ.icwordtiredplan.e.s.j.a.d.e.d.i.m.p.u@e.xped.it.io.n.eg.d.g@burton.rene@empire-defense.crystalin.fr/ read Chinese characters to communicate in the language, by doing so you open the entranceway to an enormously diverse and rich literature. In fact, the first record of writing was in Chinese characters although different in form from modern characters (which there are many thousand).

    3. The Chinese economy may be the fastest growing economy in the world, and so in the work environment even speaking a bit Chinese gives you a competitive edge, in case your company invests in China or perhaps tourist campany is considering doing this.

    4. Language and culture are linked and learning something of the Chinese language might help give an appreciation in the cultural heritage of China.

    5. China is accessible to the foreign visitor in a fashion that it has not been in the past and go to and within China has become easier, but to create the most on this opportunity for travel, language at a basic level is very important. Mandarin is spoken throughout China.

    7. China has become increasingly important on the globe and may function as the dominant economic power inside not so distant future.

    8. Food. You can eat inside tourist campany (click web page) restaurants in hotels however, if you want to see tourist campany more of China it really is more easier to try the meals and experience the culture in local restaurants.

    9. In 2008 the Olympics are held in Beijing. In 2008 many foreign visitors will descend on China to observe the Olympics. It is an ideal opportunity, if you are lucky enough to become going, to square out from the crowd by being one from the few who has learnt no less than a few words of Mandarin.

    10. Like any other language, it's possible to learn a few keywords in Mandarin, enough being polite without spending years in further education. Linguata would help.

    Frank Middleton is a freelance author and writes occasional articles for a site having a practical realistic and fast way of learning words and phrases in a language you are studying, by using a combination of sophisticated testing and straightforward games.
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