Fraud Case Against Panoramic Universal Ltd.

  • I was a keen observer from my school days. I hunt for maximum specifics of anything that finds me. Be it a book, tandem, grocery items or any business. I didn?t understand that such behaviour of my is going to be irritating for a few one. It happened when among my friends found me and said that he is likely to purchase a ac from a company. I wanted it online and found all relevant specifics of the company?s AC. Many of those were negative comments which I showed it to my friend. He felt frustrated as they had already booked the air conditioner. I thought of sharing it with him which backfired leaving him completely irritating.

    It was after that incident I thought never to share directly with individuals such things. Its better I start writing and pasting it online. The reason I?m penning this tourist campany article was coz I wanted to share discovered about an investment scheme. Investment schemes can drive you crazy for both. If it gives you more than you would expect then it is good one and if a similar scheme gave u less at least what you would expect then the scheme is just not worth investing. I found a scheme with benefits everyone want to have and there is no expectations regarding the returns. Yes, you read it right, investment without expecting returns. I?m speaking about Pancard club investment scheme from Panoramic Universal Ltd. The company floated the scheme around 1996 but was caught in controversy as a consequence of some fraud complaints. Yes, I say fraud complaints because of two reasons. One, the company has not yet been legally prosecuted. Second, the member who complained against the corporation didn?t wait enough to learn the result of the law-suit filed against the corporation.

    The company is still running certainly where people are investing and enjoying its benefits. The schemes are all about investing your amount with the corporation and attain certain rights to relish your accommodations at their hotels at no cost. One could argue why spend and turn into in hotel without condition. The reason is that on your own holidays you have a tendency to book hotels which will be more costly as the years pass by. By investing in Pancard Club investment scheme of Panoramic Universal Ltd. get ready to enjoy your holidays without spending any other rupee on accommodation. Now, you probably know how beneficial the scheme is perfect for you. The company continues to be building hotels and resorts at various tourist campany (click through the following web page) places. They have their hotels in Goa, Karnala, Thane, Pune, Mysore, Shirdi, Kerala and Malvan.

    Panoramic Universal Ltd. has hotels in USA and New-Zealand too. They have not included these hotels directly into these schemes. The company uses the Investment amount from the members to develop more hotels and resorts at a lot more places. They are also providing their members benefits like insurance coverage, medi-claim and accidental death insurance coverage. They also provide certain discount coupons for their members for the other products manufactured by them.Article Source: wayna writes about traveling and Budget hotels with premium services of Panoramic Universal Ltd

    she is targeted on holidays/vacation rentals with savings.
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