Thailand Visas: Issues and Information

  • Well it can be that time of the season again, the high season is on the point of start and a lot of readers currently of their cubicles overseas are considering their time potential spent among the beautiful ladies and tropical beaches that Thailand is known for.

    Unfortunately, like Shangri-La, each and every year more obstacles seem to be placed in the trail of those wishing to come back towards the Kingdom. Most notable among these obstacles will be the plethora of competing visa regulations being promulgated from your ordinance drafting machine that is certainly Thai Immigration. To add confusion to complexity, lots of the regional Consulates and Embassies are running things according to their own rules in the same way to the way an area chieftain runs his very own fiefdom.

    The rules acquire more complicated, though the game continues. Hopefully this will likely provide some insight for all those looking to stay in the Kingdom for some time (or short) time frame.

    Thailand Visa Exemption Stamps

    First and foremost on the minds of short term travelers could be the issue of Thailand visa exemptions. The visa exemption stamp is the 30 day stamp provided to most tourists going to the Airport. Currently Thai Immigration is giving thirty day exemption stamps with the airport to anyone holding a passport from a country on the exemption list (US, UK, CA, most EU, AU, NZ, etc). Technically, these stamps work to given thousands of times, provided the entrant is obviously coming from the airport. That being said, I have heard reports that this is not the case and more than about 3 entrances will get your passport heavily scrutinized (they could always turn you away too).

    At present, entrants seeking visa exemption stamps at land borders are now being accorded just 15 events of lawful status. This is important to remember because local immigration requires at the very least 21 times of status to process a visa extension or conversion. Therefore, the immigration officers have effectively barred lasting status to the people entering Thailand via a land border with out a proper visa. If one needs to remain in the Kingdom long term, then this is not a highly effective method.

    Thailand Tourist Visas: Free If You Can Get One

    After the lower than spectacular tourist numbers this past year, the Thai government announced a fee waiver for those Tourist visas sought abroad. This led to something of your backlash from Consulates overseas because workload increased along with the resources decreased. However, the plan seems to have had some results as there has supposedly been an increase in tourist visa applications (possibly due to the fact that visa exemptions have become harder to get).

    Even though first-time tourist visa applications are reluctantly approved, later applications for similar category are now being critically reviewed. The Royal Thai Consulate in Penang, the on-again off-again visa run destination for most farangs in Thailand makes the policy that they may not issue multiple tourist visas. This looks like it's the prevailing attitude through the region, with many exceptions. As a consequence, those needing to remain for a longer period than 3 months might be smart to seek out a non-immigrant visa instead of using exemptions or tourist visas.

    The Rise from the Non-Immigrant Visa

    It appears that non-immigrant visa applications are for the rise. Although tourist campany,, visas technically are classified as non-immigrant, of these purposes we are talking about B visas, O visas, and retirement visas. O visas will always be popular with those keeping Thailand lasting as they enable 90 days per entry. Should one obtain a 1 year multiple entry visa, then it could be utilized 4x for a use of stay amounting to 3 months per entry. The Business visa is also popular for all those who could possibly be looking at making the holiday more full time by wanting to gain employment and applying for a work permit. Acquiring a Thai business visa could be a difficult task, particularly if one does not have company sponsorship, but it is a highly flexible visa from legal standpoint. Finally the retirement visa: perfect for those over 50 that can prove money to cover their cost of living. The only major disadvantage to this one could be the fact that employment is prohibited, but in general it can be much easier to acquire than another categories. Those with a watch toward acquiring employment should you should think about the Thai business visa.

    In my personal, the non-immigrant visa categories will become more tourist campany popular since the border run is slowly phased out, but then again this time pick up we could be discussing how no such tourist campany visas get issued anymore. Long term status in Thailand can be hard to get in Asia, so act accordingly if you're still back in your corner from the world because: prior planning prevents police detention.Article Source: Hart, mcdougal of this piece, is often a Member with the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He currently acts as Managing Director of Integrity Legal (Thailand) Co. Ltd, a Thai Limited Amity Treaty Company. Contact the business at 1-877-231-7533, +66 (0)2-266-3698, or email them at See more info at Thai visa.
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